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Guided by Two-Time World Pizza Champion Andrea Cozzolino.

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Sign up now, gain instant access, and unlock the secrets to perfecting pizzas through 28 Comprehensive On-Demand Video Courses, Dedicated Support, and Access to a Thriving Community.. Elevate your Pizza-Making Prowess and Create Truly Extraordinary Pizzas.

Flavor Explosion in Every Bite

Pizza Mastery: Champion Andrea Cozzolino’s Expert Guidance. Master the Art of Dough, Ingredients, Fermentation, Techniques, Pizza Styles, and Desserts. Elevate Your Pizza-Making Skills with Comprehensive Knowledge and Mentorship. Delight in the World of Pizza Creation with Cozzolino Academy.

World's Biggest Pizza Community

Join the World’s largest Private Pizza Community, guided by Andrea Cozzolino, on the path to Pizza Mastery. Experience support and mentorship from an acclaimed professional. Elevate your skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and unleash your full potential in the art of Pizza-Making.

Cozzolino Academy - Master Pizza Making Academy and Community

Discover the Secrets of Perfect Pizza-Making with Cozzolino Academy

Led by World Pizza Champion Andrea Cozzolino, this program offers video training, feedback, and a supportive community.

Step-By-Step Training: Master the art of creating the Perfect Pizza with 28 detailed Video Lessons covering Dough, Ingredients, Fermentation, and Pizza Styles.

Personalized Feedback: Receive direct guidance from Andrea Cozzolino to refine your techniques and showcase your skills.

Supportive Community: Connect with pizza enthusiasts in Private Groups, Sharing Progress and Tips to inspire your pizza-making journey.

For all levels: Whether a professional or home cook, explore various pizza styles, unique toppings, and flavors to impress others.

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Join the World's Biggest Pizza Community and Become a Pro!

Cozzolino Academy - Master Pizza Making Academy and Community
With expert guidance and the support of a vibrant community, you’ll elevate your abilities and create extraordinary pizzas.

Elevate Your Skills: With the support and guidance of Andrea Cozzolino and our community, you’ll enhance your pizza-making abilities to create extraordinary pizzas.

Connect with Enthusiasts: Join other pizza enthusiasts, share your progress, and learn from each other’s experiences to improve your skills.

Receive Valuable Feedback: Get valuable feedback on your creations, helping you refine your techniques and elevate the quality of your pizzas.

Start Your Journey Today: Take advantage of the special discounted rate for Cozzolino Academy’s comprehensive course and become a pro in crafting the Ultimate Pizza.

Subscribe now and unlock a world of pizza mastery!
Cozzolino Academy - Master Pizza Making Academy and Community

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Master the Art of Pizza-Making with 28 Comprehensive Online Videos Led by the Renowned Two-Time Pizza Champion Chef Andrea Cozzolino. Gain Exclusive Access to our Private Pizza Community

Master Dough & Ingredients

  • Water
  • pH
  • Salt
  • Flour Benefits: Understand the key ingredients and how they affect the dough’s texture and flavour.
  • Learn how to choose the best ingredients for your recipe.
  • Discover how to adjust the pH and salt levels for optimal results.

Master Yeast & Fermentation

  • Science of Fermentation
  • Yeast
  • Time of the Dough
  • Biga
  • Poolish Benefits: Understand the science behind fermentation and how it impacts the dough’s flavour and texture.
  • Learn about the different types of yeast and how to use them to achieve the desired result.
  • Discover the 100% biga technique for creating an explosion of flavour in every bite!

Master Cooking Techniques

  • How to Cook in an Italforni (Electric) Oven.
  • How to Use a Mesiano Wood Fire Oven.
  • How to Cook Pizza in a Kitchen Oven Benefits: Learn the different techniques for cooking pizza in various ovens.
  • Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each cooking method.

Master Different Pizza Styles!

  • Pizza in a pan
  • Pizza Napoletana STG
  • Contemporanea Napoletana
  • Deep Fried Pizza
  • Montanara Deep Fried
  • The Future of Montanara
  • Pizza in Pala
  • Pizza in Teglia
  • Foccacia Romana
  • Gluten Free Pizza
  • Learn about the various pizza styles from traditional Neapolitan to modern variations.
  • Discover new toppings and techniques for making gourmet pizzas.

Master Bread & Pizza Desserts

  • How to make bread with Type 1 Biga
  • Bread with Leftover
  • Calzone Nutella
  • Mini Donuts

Join A Private Vibrant Pizza-Making Community.

  • Connect with other pizza enthusiasts and share your progress.
  • Get feedback on your pizza-making skills from two-time World Pizza Champion Andrea Cozzolino himself, and also learn from others in the community.
  • Connect with pizza enthusiasts.
  • Get Exclusive Supplier Deals: Source the finest pizza ingredients with exclusive deals from our top-notch suppliers.

Meet Your Instructor
Two-Time World Pizza Champion Andrea Cozzolino!

Andrea Cozzolino’s, a Two-Time World Champion Master Pizza Chef, developed a passion for pizza-making at the age of 12 while working in his uncle’s pizza restaurant in Naples, Italy. After years of hard work and determination, he became the best pizza chef in the world by winning the World Pizza Championship in both the traditional Napoletana and Gluten Free category.

Today, Cozzolino is sharing his expertise with the world through his Online Pizza Academy, where he teaches comprehensive courses on pizza making techniques and recipes. By enrolling in Cozzolino’s Academy, both aspiring and seasoned pizza chefs can learn the skills and techniques necessary to master the art of pizza-making from the comfort of their own home.

Join Andrea Cozzolino on this delicious journey and learn how to make perfect pizza every time with the guidance of a true master.

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Frequently Asked Questions!​

Yes, all payments are Safe and Secure.

Choose Cozzolino Academy & Pizza Community for an unparalleled opportunity to master the art of Italian pizza and pizza desserts.

Led by the renowned Two-Time World Pizza Champion, Andrea Cozzolino, our exclusive online course offers 28 curated modules that cover every aspect of pizza-making. 

With direct feedback from Andrea himself and access to a private pizza community, this one-of-a-kind program provides personalized guidance, a vibrant learning community, and an extraordinary learning experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Join us to unlock your potential and become a true pizza maestro.

People join to embark on an unmatched culinary journey with unparalleled instruction and training for cooks of all levels. Our engaging and dynamic social learning approach, combined with dedicated guidance from two-time pizza champion chef Andrea Cozzolino, offers an exceptional experience.

Join our inclusive community, connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds worldwide, and make learning fun and accessible to everyone through our online pizza-making courses, expert guidance, vibrant private pizza community, and interactive forums.

Absolutely! If you feel that the Cozzolino Academy is not the right for you or if you are unable to fully apply yourself, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Yes! You can cancel your yearly plan anytime. 

At Cozzolino Academy, we are proud to offer our exclusive Mastermind membership, which provides personalized consulting and one-on-one sessions directly with Andrea, our expert culinary mentor. Elevate your culinary skills with tailored guidance and individualized attention through our Mastermind membership.

At Cozzolino Academy, we recognize that everyone has unique learning styles. We understand that not everyone may be inclined towards social interaction in our community, and that’s absolutely fine. While you’re not obligated to participate socially, we do encourage you to take advantage of asking us questions to enhance your learning experience. We are here to support you in your culinary journey in any way we can.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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  • Unlock the Art of Pizza-Making Mastery: Dive into 28 In-Depth Step-by-Step Pizza Online Videos by Andrea Cozzolino, a Two-Time World Champion Pizza Chef.
  • Support: Post your comments and questions to receive direct feedback and guidance from Andrea Cozzolino, the Two-Time Pizza World Champion.
  • Private Groups: Join the pizza-making community and connect with other pizza enthusiasts and professionals. Learn to make pizza together!
  • Connect with Pizza Enthusiasts: Join the Cozzolino Private Community and Get Inspired. Chat with Like-Minded People about Your Pizza Making Experiences.
  • Exclusive Supplier Deals: Source the Finest Pizza Ingredients with Exclusive Deals and Discounts, from our Top-Quality Suppliers.

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